Recently I had the “honor” of being published in a few major media outlets for my post on Wendy Williams.

Here’s my statement:

Dear newspapers and Media:

Thank you for sharing my post. As a matter of fact,  I needed it.


With your recent post, you tried to create a new scandal, underlying some fact that I don’t feel compassion for Wendy Williams who allegedly is in poor physical health and having money problems.

Dear newspapers and Media, here is some data for you:

By trying to throw me under the bus you might actually help me because I now have a voice.

Thank you for the attention granted, I want to let you know that during covid I founded a nonprofit organization, to help people called “ The Stacy Francis Music Arts and Education Foundation”.  

I fundraised and donated 150K meals in Brooklyn New York (Brownsville ), and coordinated with a local kitchen that provided good healthy meals to the population in need.

I bought that kitchen a brand new van so that they could deliver meals to the Senior Citizens Nursing home for the elderly who could not leave their home.


This is the video of my activity in NYC.


I flew to Africa, during COVID because I heard that kids didn’t have food, and I provided food in their small dirty hands (but still more clean than others).

It is something that I will never forget. Even the adults walked up to me with no gloves and mask on occasion to take sandwiches out of my hands to eat. Why? Because I care about people!

Watch an Interview with a local TV station in South Africa.


I wrote a song to help people stay united and strong during tough times, called WE STAND TOGETHER.


Watch the video of this song.

I helped a friend of mine fundraise in Houston for another nonprofit helping teenagers of color get educated on finance and grow powerful.

I wrote another song to get people aware of climate change and be respectful of this planet.

At this very moment, I am creating a local art event to acknowledge women that had a rough past.


A personal story

Last month I helped a woman who was preparing for Chemo as she suffered breast cancer by using my relationships in the hair industry. I met with her and consulted with her while she had a full head of hair. I helped measure her head to have a medical-grade wig made for her. And 2 weeks later upon delivery of the wig after my company made the wig for her, she lost all her hair.

She sat crying in my chair. Until I put the wig on her head and she felt a bit of pride again in her looks as she had literally lost her self-esteem overnight! I never publicized this. Because I do not do this for attention. I do this because I care about people!


So! Yes as you can see I do have great compassion for others. I use my celebrity status to raise a voice for people who can’t.

No, I don’t feel compassion for people that use their platform to try to cancel the voice of others, because it goes against who I am.

For example when Wendy Williams went public and declared she would not be watching Sherri Shepherd’s show. Another black woman who has set a beautiful example for others by now getting her own show after years of working hard. She actually deserved it! But Wendy never got called out for this mean-spirited approach, did she? No, she did not.

So let me ask you a favor. Be sure to also share this post!

I needed your help during covid. I needed your big voice to reach more people and help others.

Please not only share what you feel is an insult to your comrade Wendy Williams. As perhaps you felt a little sting in my post as it may also apply to you.

We can create something so much more powerful together, than a one-day scandal.


On a further note I want to personally thank Karu F. Daniels, the writer of the Daily News article who doesn’t know me at all. Nor did he call me or reach out to me for comment or to understand my views. He just went on attack.

Mr. Daniels, I would strongly suggest in the future that you do more research before you reach conclusions that are not correct.

Perhaps you should follow your own advice.


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