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I must start this blog with simply expressing my love for my favorite place in the World. London. I  love it so much and living in London for the time that I was there was the best time of my life. I recall starring on the West End doing a musical and performing on the Olivier Awards and feeling such appreciation for my talent. Having the opportunity to return to sing for Charity was a no brainer. The West End for those of you who don’t know is London’s equivalent of Broadway here in America.

During this trip to London I felt so much excitement traveling to the West End to perform with other artist currently starring in great musicals. And there were a few fans who attended the concert who knew my work from my time on the West End as well.

I decided to sing a song called All the Man I Need by Whitney Houston. In honour of Whitney and my new love. It was his first time hearing me sing live. The combination of singing in the City I love to the man I love was elating.

Music has a way of helping and healing. My heart has been healed by music more times than I can count. So here I was again on the stage this time contributing my time and talent to charity. In the past I have thought singing is not enough. I must do more and I do. But I have learned by many of the fans I get to sing for that singing, showing up, being loving and singing my heart out for them helps and blesses them too. The band was also incredible and I especially loved the string section. So much talent on one stage. Its such a great responsibility to be on stage with so many professionals who have studied their entire lives for the moment you get to share with them. I never take for granted every artist who contributes to making the show and my songs great. Its such a joy and it feels like everyone is flying high together with this great effort to move the hearts of the audience and bring them to their feet.

I look forward to going back to London and sharing more of my music.

Thank you to everyone in London for always loving me back.


L&M productions presented ‘West End Live Lounge’- an evening of music from a great line up of West End performers all in the aid of charity.

In a style similar to that of Radio 1 Live Lounge, you will hear songs from the world of popular music performed by singers from West End shows including Dreamgirls, Beautiuful, Wicked, Les Miserables and many more.

All proceeds from this concert will go towards the UNICEF Syria Appeal.

Where: The Union Theatre, Arch 22 & 23 , Old Union Yard, SE1 0LR 229 Union street ,  London.


Whitney Houston All the man I need

Prince Purple Rain

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