Recently, I was having a conversation with a music producer about recording an album. I was beating myself up so badly about never becoming a massive solo recording artist. My background in recording has always been such a horror for me.  Imagine being in the studio recording  with producers who behind closed doors, just you two, had a lack of real knowledge of their craft and lack for affinity for me as an artist and with the purposes to not really have you succeed in music and their own failures regarding being an artist themselves. Not to invalidate all of the producers I have ever worked with some of them were great but there were a few that definitely did my head in. I am sure there are some some fellow artist out there who can relate. I recorded 2 albums on Warner Brothers records in the early 90s while in a girl group with small success. Benny Medina who has managed the career of Jennifer Lopez for the last 10 years or more is the man who actually signed me to Reprise Records the label home of Frank Sinatra and other greats at a very young age. I was greatly attacked on the X factor because people felt I was not honest about my prior accomplishments. But to be honest, I never felt I had accomplished anything to be proud of.  Both records flopped and the record deal I signed was so awful. None of us in the group profited from any of the sales of the albums that could sustain our lives. We struggled and lived in the ghettos of New York City while our songs played on the radio.

Of course this experience could stop the progress of any artist. It is no wonder I never found solo success, I mean with this experience life became such a challenge. I left the group and tried to pursue other goals but that massive failure always stayed with me.  And so the trend of failing continued. Why? Because the more you validate something the more you get of it. What does this mean? Well, ok with those massive failures behind me did I feel optimistic about my future? After spending 8 years committing my life to create music and projects that I felt passionate about and having a massive purpose of sharing my voice with the World absolutely fail, would it create inner security and confidence in ones ability? That answer would be a resounding NO! It definitely created the exact opposite effect. Insecurity in my ability and a lack of faith. And sadly the mindset that everything I did in the future from there would fail so why even try? Have you ever had this feeling? The feeling that the game was completely lost?

(Let me also include that if I even tried to sue every man in the industry who only saw boobs and never wanted to hear me sing, I would be one of the leaders of the #METOO movement)


I have to admit a few other things here just for more transparency, this also made me so angry. And bitter and I started to lash out and act in a way that was not myself. And sadly, there was a day that came that I ended up on a massive platform and all those insecurities and fears poured through. The anger and resentment only magnified but this time the World was watching. Not the ideal scene was it? My behaviour was a reality tv show producers dream.

I came off those platforms really able to see myself. And did not like what I saw. I had a childhood friend message me on Instagram and he said “What happened to the sweet girl I grew up with, do not allow this industry to cause you to lose sight of yourself”.

I started to ask myself. Well who am I? I mean. Really? Am I my experiences? Am I what social media and the media says I am? Am I who my critics say I am? Am I my singing voice?  This inner struggle. The challenges I faced in life overwhelmed me. I felt so lost.back-view-beach-dawn-285977.jpg

I was always told I am a child of the most High God. Well, we are. But what does this actually mean in practical use. Where the heck was God? Because I didn’t feel like He was anywhere around me anymore. But let me tell you. Inside of you God does reside. And no matter how many times you fail. How many mistakes you make you can find the inner strength to success. Let us look at God in a practical use.  No matter what your religion is I think we can all agree that in nearly every faith we are taught that we are made in the image of God. What is he encompassed of exactly? Is He courageous? Does he have patience,  Is God a dynamic energy? Does God have knowledge and does he require honesty? I started to really seek to know God. And truth. I kept asking in my prayers please send me truth. Please allow me to understand my purpose and why I am here. What do I need to do to heal from the past? How can I grow and be better and not allow my past hurts to continue to create discord in my life in present time. By the way those qualities are the genius traits.

About 10 years ago I met a man named Bob Duggan. Bob the billionaire is what I call him. Bob and I have this very quirky funny relationship most people don’t understand. And in the past many people tried to stop him from befriending me because they did not understand me. Well, Bob took the time to get to know me. And many of our conversations entailed lots of words that he took the time to define for me. And stories of inspiration and ideas to have me look at life through the eyes of a genius. Bob became a great mentor for me. And before I knew it I started to have more hope and I felt very validated as a person that someone as smart and as wealthy as Bob would take the time to invest in me. He did not allow the hurt he saw in me to stop him from pulling out the genius in me.  achievement-action-adventure-209209.jpg

Bob has created a course where you too can learn how to operate as a genius. Sometimes, it only takes one person who you value to believe in you and your mind can change.  You can continue to climb without fear and the idea that you will fail.

I want to help someone reading this today. Do you know the traits of a genius? And did you know that within you lies all 24 traits? All you have to do it to activate them. I took this course and it changed my life. It revived hope in me. It also reignited the flame in me to go after my dreams!

You may be experiencing life challenges and worry. But I can guarantee you if you apply this data and really start to use all the traits that lie within you you can resolve all your problems. Every one of them. And what seems to be a challenge starts to become a great game. And the more you win at it applying the genius traits the more you will start to love yourself. The less others will be able to make you feel insecure in your own abilities and the more confidence you will have to create all that you want in life. This article could go on for days about failure. And how upsetting it can be to have a massive talent and see others less talented than you be more successful. It can be so frustrating to work in a job that you hate. It can be so discouraging to have a parent who doesn’t encourage you to follow your dreams because their own dreams for you are not aligned with your own. But let us take a look at the traits it takes to change these things. Genius traits like the drive it takes to follow your dreams and use your talent to create income you desire. The courage it takes to tell your parent that your dreams are not theirs but you love them anyway and want their support in reaching your goals. The idealism to create ideas that will produce a job you love and can live doing forever without stress because you love it so much.  Your own devotion to goals  And the knowledge it takes to get there. These are all traits that you can master to become a genius and have the life that you want.

I love this course. It completely changed my life. And it restored my hope about my career and my life. Check out course here:

There is a way to win this game called life. And giving up is not the way to do it. I want to use this New Year to inspire you to be the best you you can be. Let’s do it together!


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