On Monday November 5th 2018 I had the honor of joining DJ Ace at BBC Radio 1 Extra to debut my new single here in London. As I walked into the beautiful studio I recalled having this same privilege last year as Dj Ace and his producer Crispin are so supportive of my career.  I sat down and looked around and thought “wow how lucky am I to sit here. Janet Jackson sat in this seat recently”.I know it seems so childish but I was in heaven really. It was all so surreal. My song was about to go live and debut on air, while people drove around London in their cars they would hear my voice.

As an artist no matter what success I have achieved I think its always important to have gratitude moments. I was standing in BBC Radio One and many artist had never been this lucky. During the interview DJ Ace expressed a desire to see me on television again. As I told him of my recent West End musical auditions I felt a desire to do it all! And I must admit the love of the UK public that I have received makes me feel its all possible.


The song is called Into My Eyes. I felt the lyrics of this song were very appropriate at this time in our society. In America as we faced the election and a very divided America. And here in the UK where they face a very divided viewpoint about Brexit.

As I spoke to Dj Ace about the political climate he asked me if I felt as an artist I should use my voice.  I told him my lack of interest in having any influence on who my supporters should vote for. It is my desire to only inspire them to vote. It is not my job as an artist to use my platform in some grand way to make others decide. I feel strongly that one should look for themselves, get to know the issues for themselves and then make a decision. I should not tell them what to think because they love my singing voice. My singing voice is to be used to uplift people at a time when they need their spirits lifted. And when they need to have music move them to believe that a change is going to come for the better.



The lyrics of the song say:

“Time passes on hoping things will get better. Looking for the truth within a better day to come. I’m wishing. 20/20 in my rearview. Learned from my mistakes. Had to heal my heart so love could heart my soul. Look into my eyes. The mirror of my soul. Beyond my pain to a world made whole. You can feel my heart. ”

As you can see I am hoping to inspire others through this song. At the end of the day we are all the same. Searching for the same things. Security, love, admiration, success and mainly what we all want is to be able to dream a dream and manifest it. Using our gifts to live a successful full life is really the main goal I would think.

The interview was so awesome you can listen here: Go to minute 1:21:03



Please download the song here


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