Last night I performed in a concert that was a bit different than I am used to. It was unplugged. A bit more laid back and less instruments and intimate.  When preparing for a show I have a few challenges. One is learning the songs in a short period. And the other is what the heck to wear. I literally got my dress 2 hours before the show yesterday. I left in the middle of soundcheck to go try on dresses. To be honest I thought I had a great dress then I saw the set at soundcheck and realized the dress I had wouldn’t work. Just a bit of the behind the scenes drama for you.

I sang a duet with a talented artist named Rob Meister called Walking On The Moon. I also sang a song called Fantasy by Black Box. It was the first time I tried my hand at both of these musical numbers and I loved them. I was standing on stage with Rob and for the first time in a long time I felt like an audience member and performer all in one. I was losing myself in the moment. Music has a way of doing this if you allow it to take you away and be free.

Unplugged is also an interesting dynamic because I felt I needed a choir for the song This Is Me from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. But there was a lack of those elements so I asked the audience to do it. I took the time to teach them their parts before the song started and they were great. Its always so fun having the audience participate.

I had a great time. Now I am headed to rehearsal for my show tonight. As last night’s performance is left behind and all the hard work for that show is done.  I received so much great feedback today about the show. I am happy everyone who attended enjoyed it. Now on to the next one.

Hope to see you at one of my concerts soon.