The journey

I was honored to come to Washington DC to sing the National Anthem for The President and top government officials. I must admit I am not very savvy when it comes to politics. And the idea of coming here for some people would definitely not be appealing. However, I love this organization because they fight for religious freedom and as you will read below they fight for life and for the needy. And I have come to love them for the great work that they are doing with the President.

I can no longer be on the fence when it comes to President Trump so I had to come here to see for myself and learn for myself without the influence of the media. I did not understand the left and the right. Or what it means to be liberal. I am simply someone who wants to see the Country in a better condition. And since unemployment is at its lowest and tax reform is so beneficial I am very happy with the work the government is currently doing. I had to learn about the House of Representatives and the Senate. And how they vote for certain bills. And how the President makes decisions because the media would force us to believe that he is a tyrant or some dictator. But I had the amazing opportunity to meet some incredible people who are working side by side with the administration helping to make some amazing changes. One man in particular named Greg Mitchell who worked for 8 years on the prison reform bill that just got passed by the House. I am so honored to know him. He also works hard each day to fight for religious freedom. He and his wife Renee are incredible people who are working hard to help America each day.

The history of this City is really incredible. So not only did I get to share my gift but I was driven through the City by a genius named Dr. Paul Coyer a professor at Yale University and taught great history lessons about the government buildings and I had a chance to learn more about politics and get the truth about how well this President is running the country. Dr. Coyer is working hard each day as well with Mr. Mitchell and the administration to make great changes for our Country.

I really look forward to coming back to work with this Organization again and have the greatest desire to sing at the White House for our President as a gift to him for all the hard work he is doing to help America be great again.




Faith & Freedom

To understand why I have such a passion for this organization check out their website at

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